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A viable strategy for screening the effects of glycan heterogeneity on target organ adhesion and biodistribution in live mice

This work represents the first broad study of testing diverse heterogenous glycoconjugates (7 different glycoalbumins) for their differential in vivo binding (11 different cancer cell types) in both cell- and animal-based studies. As a result, various changes in biodistribution, excretion, and even tumor adhesion w

Authors:   Akihiro Ogura; Sayaka Urano; Tsuyoshi Tahara; Satoshi Nozaki; Regina Sibgatullina; Kenward Vong; Takehiro Suzuki; Naoshi Dohmae; Almira Kurbangalieva; Yasuyoshi Watanabe; Katsunori Tanaka
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC01544A
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