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Rare-earth metal bis(aminobenzyl) complexes supported by pyrrolyl-functionalized arylamide ligands: synthesis, characterization and styrene polymerization performance

Acid-base reaction between the rare-earth tris(o-dimethylaminobenzyl) complexes Ln(CH2C6H4NMe2-o)3 and the pyrrolyl-functionalized arylamide ligands 2,5-Me2C4H2NCH2SiMe2NHC6H4R (R = H, (HL1); R = Cl-p, (HL2)) was investigated. Treatment of HL1 and HL2 with 1 equiv. of Ln(CH2C6H4NMe2-o)3 in toluene at room te

Authors:   Min Li; Chaopan Wang; Hongzhen Xie; Zehuai Mou; Yunjie Luo
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
DOI:   10.1039/C8DT01834K
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