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Secondary dialkylammonium salt/crown ether [2]pseudorotaxanes as nanostructuring platforms for proton transport

As connected by multivalent secondary dialkylammonium salt/crown ether [2]pseudorotaxanes, supramolecular polymer networks have been obtained by mixing surfactant-encapsulated clusters with dibenzo[24]crown-8 groups and star polymers end functionalized with dibenzylammonium ions. This picture induces remarka

Authors:   Lijie Li; Lipeng He; Binghua Wang; Peng Ge; Lei Jing; Haomin Liu; Chenliang Gong; Bin Zhang; Junhu Zhang; Weifeng Bu
Journal:   Chemical Communication
DOI:   10.1039/C8CC04518F
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  • ions
  • Crown
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