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IJMS, Vol. 11, Pages 4381-4406: Ionocovalency and Applications 1. Ionocovalency Model and Orbital Hybrid Scales

Ionocovalency (IC), a quantitative dual nature of the atom, is defined and correlated with quantum-mechanical potential to describe quantitatively the dual properties of the bond. Orbiotal hybrid IC model scale, IC, and IC electronegativity scale, XIC, are proposed, wherein the ionicity and the covalent radius are determined by spectroscopy. Being composed of the ionic function I and the covalent function C, the model describes quantitatively the dual properties of bond strengths, charge density and ionic potential. Based on the atomic electron configuration and the various quantum-mechanical built-up dual parameters, the model formed a Dual Method of the multiple-functional prediction, which has much more versatile and exceptional applications than traditional electronegativity scales and molecular properties. Hydrogen has unconventional values of IC and XIC, lower than that of boron. The IC model can agree fairly well with the data of bond properties and satisfactorily explain chemical observations of elements throughout the Periodic Table.

Authors:   Zhang, Yonghe
Journal:   International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Volume:   11
edition:   11
Year:   2010
Pages:   4381
DOI:   10.3390/ijms11114381
Publication date:   03-Nov-2010
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