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Fabry−Pérot Cavity Sensors for Multipoint On-Column Micro Gas Chromatography Detection

We developed and characterized a Fabry−Pérot (FP) sensor module based micro gas chromatography (μGC) detector for multipoint on-column detection. The FP sensor was fabricated by depositing a thin layer of metal and a layer of gas-sensitive polymer consecutively on the endface of an optical fiber, which formed the FP cavity. Light partially reflected from the metal layer and the polymer−air interface generated an interference spectrum, which shifted as the polymer layer absorbed the gas analyte. The FP sensor module was then assembled by inserting the FP sensor into a hole drilled in the wall of a fused-silica capillary, which can be easily connected to the conventional gas chromatography (GC) column through a universal quick seal column connector, thus enabling on-column real-time detection. We characterized the FP sensor module based μGC detector. Sensitive detection of various gas analytes was achieved with subnanogram detection limits. The rapid separation capability of the FP sensor module assembled ...

Authors:   Jing Liu; Yuze Sun; Daniel J. Howard; Greg Frye-Mason; Aaron K. Thompson; Shiou-jyh Ja; Siao-Kwan Wang; Mengjun Bai; Haskell Taub; Mahmoud Almasri; Xudong Fan
Journal:   Analytical Chemistry
Year:   2010
DOI:   10.1021/ac902956d
Publication date:   28-May-2010
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