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On-chip three dimensional microcoils for MRI at the microscale

Vlad Badilita, Kai Kratt, Nicoleta Baxan, Mohammad Mohmmadzadeh, Tobias Burger, Hans Weber, Dominik v. Elverfeldt, Jurgen Hennig, Jan G. Korvink, Ulrike Wallrabe
(Communication from Lab Chip)
Vlad Badilita, Lab Chip, 2010, DOI: 10.1039/c000840k
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Authors:   Vlad Badilita; Kai Kratt; Nicoleta Baxan; Mohammad Mohmmadzadeh; Tobias Burger; Hans Weber; Dominik v. Elverfeldt; Jürgen Hennig; Jan G. Korvink; Ulrike Wallrabe; Nicoleta Baxan; Ulrike Wallrabe
Journal:   Lab on a Chip
Volume:   10
edition:   11
Year:   2010
Pages:   1387
DOI:   10.1039/C000840K
Publication date:   21-Apr-2010
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