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Rapid determination of strontium-90 in seawater

It is shown that Y2O3, YF3, LaF3, and CeF3 help concentrate 90Y from seawater. To determine 90Sr, YF3 is the best reagent because the effect of interfering lead and thorium radioisotopes is minimum in this case. It is proposed to preconcentrate 210Bi on PbS to eliminate its interference. To determine 90Sr we measure the Cherenkov radiation of 90Y concentrated on YF3 without prior elution.

Authors:   P. S. Butkalyuk, Yu. A. Sapozhnikov
Journal:   Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin
Year:   2009
DOI:   10.3103/S0027131409030109
Publication date:   03-Aug-2009
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