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Molecular and hydrodynamic characteristics of star-shaped polystyrenes with one or two fullerene (C60) molecules as a branching center

The molecular properties of regular star-shaped polystyrenes with different numbers of arms (6, 12, and 22) and different structures of the branching center (one or two covalently bonded fullerene C60 molecules) are studied by static light scattering; translational diffusion; and viscometry in toluene, THF, and chloroform. The lengths of the arms for the studied polymer stars are found to be the same. (The molecular mass of the arm is 8.1 × 103.) The molecular mass and hydrodynamic sizes of macromolecules are estimated. It is shown that the conformational and hydrodynamic characteristics of polymer stars remain practically unchanged on passage from THF to chloroform. Compared to the linear analog, star-shaped fullerene-containing PSs are characterized by a higher density of the molecular coil. The shape of their macromolecules differs insignificantly from spherical, in consistence with theoretical predictions for polymer stars with relatively short arms.

Authors:   A. P. Filippov, O. A. Romanova, L. V. Vinogradova
Journal:   Polymer Science Series A
Year:   2010
DOI:   10.1134/S0965545X10030016
Publication date:   07-Apr-2010
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