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Water isotherm models for 4A (NaA) zeolite

The adsorption data of Gorbach et al. (Adsorption 10(1): 29–46, 2004) and Morris (J. Colloid Interface Sci. 28: 149–155, 1968) for the adsorption of water on 4A zeolite pellets is re-analyzed. Model isotherms are derived considering a two site hypothesis, one for the α cage and one for the β cage. Four simple model isotherms are fitted to the data. Both a dual site Toth or dual site Langmuir isotherm model fit the data adequately. The optimized standard enthalpy and entropy of adsorption parameters derived from the data are surprising for the β cage. The optimized standard enthalpy of the β cage is 1/3rd of that observed calorimetrically, and the standard entropy of adsorption is positive, a physical impossibility. Substituting the calorimetric enthalpy of adsorption corrected the standard differential entropy of sorption values resulting in the standard entropy of sorption values varying significantly with temperature. This variation is postulated to be due to either water of hydration formation, or clathrate formation, or the formation of clusters of water such as dimers, trimers, etc.

Authors:   Kevin F. Loughlin
Journal:   Adsorption
Year:   2009
DOI:   10.1007/s10450-009-9189-2
Publication date:   29-May-2009
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