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Characterization of Cell Wall Polysaccharides of Cherry (Prunus cerasus var. Schattenmorelle) Fruit and Pomace

The polysaccharide composition of cell wall of sour cherry (Prunus cerasus var. Schattenmorelle) fruit and pomace was investigated. Furthermore, the alcohol insoluble solids composition of ‘Kelleriis’ and ‘Dobreczyn Botermo’ varieties were studied too. Yield of alcohol insoluble solids for fruits was lower than 10%, and for pomaces circa 50%. Uronic acid was the main pectin component of alcohol insoluble solids. Enzymes used as juice processing aids decreased the content of uronic acid. Araban and galactan side chains bonded tightly to cellulose presence was suggested by high content of arabinose and galactose in hemicellulose fraction. The process of drying at below 70 °C did not influence polysaccharide composition of sour cherry pomaces. Alcohol insoluble solids of fruits expressed higher hydration properties than of pomaces.

Authors:   Monika Kosmala, Joanna Milala, Krzysztof Kołodziejczyk, Jarosław Markowski, Monika Mieszczakowska, Christian Ginies, Catherine M. G. C. Renard
Journal:   Plant Foods for Human Nutrition (Formerly Qualitas Plantarum)
Year:   2009
DOI:   10.1007/s11130-009-0134-z
Publication date:   15-Sep-2009
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