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Improvement of the triboengineering and physicochemical properties of Puma lubricating compositions with lithium molybdophosphate additive

The paper deals with the results of investigation of the physicochemical and triboengineering properties of Puma lubricating compositions used to grease rails and flanges and the same composition modified by the authors with inorganic molybdophosphate additive. The influence of the Puma lubricating compositions with the lithium molybdophosphate additive on the wear of wheel and rail steels is studied, as well as the likely mechanism of action of inorganic phosphorus-containing additives of the polymeric nature. The present paper continues a series of studies of the application of inorganic polymeric phosphates as multifunctional additives to plastic railway greases.

Authors:   V. I. Kolesnikov, S. F. Ermakov, A. P. Sychev, N. A. Myasnikova, M. A. Savenkova, E. I. Luneva
Journal:   Journal of Friction and Wear
Year:   2009
DOI:   10.3103/S1068366609030064
Publication date:   29-Jun-2009
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