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Equilibrium Between Acetaldehyde, Acetyl Halide and Corresponding 1-Haloethyl Acetates in Gas Chromatograph Injector. Calculation of Enthalpies of Reaction

Gas chromatographic analysis of 1-chloroethyl acetate and 1-bromoethyl acetate revealed that the equilibrium between acetaldehyde, acetyl halide and the corresponding 1-haloethyl acetates exists in the injector of the chromatograph. Analyses were performed under strictly isothermal conditions of both injector and column at different temperatures. The results allowed calculation of the enthalpy of the reaction: CH 3CHO + CH 3COX ? CH 3COOCHXCH 3 Enthalpies calculated for the reaction are as follows: -17.3 [kcal mol -1] (X=Cl) and -18.5 [kcal mol -1] (X=Br).

  • Content Type Journal Article
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  • DOI 10.1365/s10337-004-0267-7
  • Authors
    • J. Zakrzewski, Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry 6 Annopol 03-236 Warsaw Poland
    • Journal Chromatographia
    • Online ISSN 1612-1112
    • Print ISSN 0009-5893

Authors:   J. Zakrzewski
Journal:   Chromatographia
Year:   2004
DOI:   10.1365/s10337-004-0267-7
Publication date:   02-Jun-2004
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