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Centroid, Centroid From Edge Vectors, and Shape Descriptor Using only Boundary Information

A simple algorithm is presented to obtain the area and the centroid of a plane homogeneous feature, by using only the coordinates of the boundary points. The algorithm also allow higher order moments to be calculated. From such centroid, and the centroid from edge vectors, we defined a shape descriptor invariant to Rotation, Scale, and Translation transformations. This parameter is able to characterize features with asymmetric distribution of roughness or reentrants.

  • Content Type Journal Article
  • Pages 1-9
  • DOI 10.1023/A:1023302928848
  • Authors
    • J.L. Ladaga
    • R.D. Bonetto
    • Journal Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy
    • Online ISSN 1573-8671
    • Print ISSN 1040-7286
    • Journal Volume Volume 10
    • Journal Issue Volume 10, Number 1

Authors:   J.L. Ladaga, R.D. Bonetto
Journal:   Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy
Year:   2004
DOI:   10.1023/A:1023302928848
Publication date:   30-Nov-2004
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