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Detection of the Angular Distribution of the Signal Electrons in VLESEM

The topic of this work is the study of direct detection of electrons by Charge-Coupled-Devices (CCD). The aim is to design a detector for the angle and energy-selective detection of signal electrons in very low energy scanning electron microscopy (VLESEM), using an electron-bombarded CCD sensor (EBCCD). We concentrate upon two problems—the design of appropriate electronics and determination of an appropriate energy of the signal electrons for the CCD sensor.

  • Content Type Journal Article
  • Pages 23-32
  • DOI 10.1023/A:1023325529756
  • Authors
    • Miroslav Horáček
    • Journal Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy
    • Online ISSN 1573-8671
    • Print ISSN 1040-7286
    • Journal Volume Volume 10
    • Journal Issue Volume 10, Number 1

Authors:   Miroslav Horáček
Journal:   Journal of Computer-Assisted Microscopy
Year:   2004
DOI:   10.1023/A:1023325529756
Publication date:   30-Nov-2004
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