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Fluorine-containing compounds improving adhesion of epoxy oligomers to materials with low surface energy

Results of studying adhesive properties of epoxy resins modified with surfactants are reported. It is shown that surfactants with terminal fluorinated fragments have the highest activity. Ethers of a fluorine-containing telomeric alcohol and glycidol are employed as the surfactants. The surface tension is measured by the Rehbinder maximum bubble pressure method. The results of measuring surface tension and contact angles are presented. It is established that the use of organofluorine compounds with reactive groups makes it possible not only to decrease the surface tension, but also to “fix” molecules of these compounds at interfaces in the course of curing.

Authors:   L. S. Bekhli, Yu. A. Gorbatkina, V. G. Ivanova-Mumzhieva, A. Ya. Lyapunov
Journal:   Polymer Science Series C
Year:   2007
DOI:   10.1134/S1811238207030125
Publication date:   01-Oct-2007
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