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Vapor−Liquid Equilibria Measurements of Methane + 2-Methylpropane (Isobutane) at Temperatures from (150 to 250) K and Pressures to 9 MPa

A 60 cm3 temperature-controlled pressure cell was constructed for vapor−liquid equilibria (VLE) measurements in methane-dominant mixtures at conditions representative of those found in cryogenic gas processing plants. The experimental system included a pressure transducer located in the cell’s lid, temperature-controlled sampling capillaries, automated microliter sampling valves, and a gas chromatograph (GC) with two columns and multiple detectors for the simultaneous measurements of phase compositions. A gravimetrically prepared mixture of methane + 2-methylpropane (isobutane) {CH4(1) + i-C4H10(2)} with the overall mole fraction z2 = (0.0724 ± 0.0001) was loaded into the cell, and P,T,x,y data for this mixture were obtained along two isochoric pathways over the temperature range from (150 to 250) K at pressures to 9 MPa. The measured VLE data extend into a temperature range not previously studied for this system and are compared with previous literature data and with the predictions of the Groupe Europea...

Authors:   Mohamed E. Kandil; Eric F. May; Brendan F. Graham; Kenneth N. Marsh; Mark A. Trebble; Robert D. Trengove; Stanley H. Huang
Journal:   Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data
Year:   2010
DOI:   10.1021/je900971r
Publication date:   12-Aug-2010
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