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Washing of sediment on filtering devices

Problems of filtration washing of sediment are considered; the brief overview of the most common filtering devices is made; the particularities of the course of the washing process on these devices are considered. It is stated that the optimal conditions for the effective and economic washing are provided by filter presses with vertical plates. The mechanism of the flow of the washing liquid through the sediment on these filters for two versions, chamber and membrane filter presses, is illustrated. The method of the objective control of the change in the concentration of agent washed out from the sediment during the process of washing of sediment on mentioned filters with the help of the industrial conductivity meter is described.

Authors:   V. A. Chernikov, A. V. Chernikov
Journal:   Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
Year:   2011
DOI:   10.1134/S1070427211060322
Publication date:   15-Jul-2011
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