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Reporter gene HEK 293 cells and WNT/Frizzled fusion proteins as tools to study WNT signaling pathways

Abstract WNT/Frizzled receptor (FZD) signaling pathways are pivotal for physiological and pathophysiological processes. In humans, the complexity of WNT/FZD signaling is based on 19 WNTs, 10 FZDs and at least two (co)receptors (LRP5/6) mediating supposably four different signaling cascades. The detailed investigation of the specific function of the different initiating components is primarily hampered by the lack of most WNT proteins in a purified form. Therefore, we constructed and examined a chimeric protein of WNT3a and FZD4 as a suitable approach to overcome this obstacle for future studies of the specificity of other WNT/FZD combinations. Furthermore, we produced four different reporter HEK 293 cell lines to quantify the induced activation of the proposed signaling cascades, the β-catenin-, the NFAT-, the AP-1- and the CRE-regulated pathways. The chimera WNT3aFZD4 efficiently induced β-catenin-mediated luciferase activity. This activity was increased 40-fold compared with basal when LRP6 was stably c...

Authors:   Larisa Ring; Iris Peröbner; Marisa Karow; Marianne Jochum; Peter Neth; Alexander Faussner
Journal:   Biological Chemistry
Year:   2011
DOI:   10.1515/BC.2011.164
Publication date:   06-Oct-2011
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  • proteins
  • luciferase
  • fusion proteins
  • cell lines
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