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Factor Xa subsite mapping by proteome-derived peptide libraries improved using WebPICS, a resource for proteomic identification of cleavage sites

Abstract Proteomic identification of protease cleavage site specificity (PICS) is a recent proteomic approach for the easy mapping of protease subsite preferences that determines both the prime- and non-prime side specificity concurrently. Here we greatly facilitate user access by providing an automated and simple web-based data-analysis resource termed WebPics ( We demonstrate the utility of WebPics analysis of PICS data by determining the substrate specificity of factor Xa from P6-P6’, an important blood coagulation protease that proteolytically generates thrombin from prothrombin. PICS confirms existing data on non-prime site specificity and refines our knowledge of factor Xa prime-site selectivity.

Authors:   Oliver Schilling; Ulrich auf dem Keller; Christopher M. Overall
Journal:   Biological Chemistry
Year:   2011
DOI:   10.1515/BC.2011.158
Publication date:   06-Oct-2011
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