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mRNA expression levels of the biological factors uPAR, uPAR-del4/5, and rab31, displaying prognostic value in breast cancer, are not clinically relevant in advanced ovarian cancer

Abstract High tumor tissue mRNA expression of the tumor biological factors uPAR, uPAR-del4/5, or rab31 is associated with shorter distant metastasis-free and overall survival in breast cancer patients. To evaluate whether these factors are also clinically relevant in ovarian cancer, we quantified the respective mRNA levels in primary tumor tissue of advanced ovarian cancer patients (n=103) and evaluated their association with clinicopathological parameters and patients’ prognosis. mRNA expression levels of all three markers did not show any significant association with overall or progression-free survival, demonstrating that these factors have no prognostic value in advanced ovarian cancer.

Authors:   Matthias Kotzsch; Julia Dorn; Kristina Doetzer; Barbara Schmalfeldt; Janna Krol; Gustavo Baretton; Marion Kiechle; Manfred Schmitt; Viktor Magdolen
Journal:   Biological Chemistry
Year:   2011
DOI:   10.1515/BC.2011.166
Publication date:   06-Oct-2011
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  • ovarian cancer
  • tumors
  • breast cancer
  • Expression
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