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Preparation of Cadmium(II) Oxide Nanoparticles from a New One-Dimensional Cadmium(II) Coordination Polymer Precursor; Spectroscopic and Thermal Analysis Studies

A one-dimensional Cd(II) coordination polymer containing 2-pyridinecarboxylate (2-pyc−) and iodide anions [Cd(μ-2-pyc)(μ-I)]n (1), is synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis and X-ray crystallography. The single-crystal X-ray data show that the coordination number for the Cd2+ ion is five. The thermal stability of 1 was studied by thermogravimetry and differential thermal analyzes. Cd(II)O nanoparticles were prepared by direct calcination of 1 at different temperatures. The Cd(II)O nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The results show that the morphology of the Cd(II)O nanoparticles is dependent upon the thermolysis temperature.

Authors:   Mahmood Payehghadr, Vahid Safarifard, Maryam Ramazani, Ali Morsali
Journal:   Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.1007/s10904-012-9650-7
Publication date:   24-Jan-2012
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