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Structural Characteristics and Biological Activity of Fucoidans from the Brown Algae Alaria sp. and Saccharina japonica of Different Reproductive Status


Structural characteristics and the antitumor activity of fucoidans isolated from vegetative and reproductive tissue of the brown algae Alaria sp. and Saccharina japonica were studied. The reproductive status of the brown algae affected the yield of fucoidans and their structural characteristics. The fucoidan yield was 5.7% (w/w on the basis of the dried algae weight) for fertile and 3.8% for sterile Alaria sp. and 1.42 and 0.71% for fertile and sterile S. japonica, respectively. The fucoidans from fertile Alaria sp. and S. japonica had a slightly higher degree of sulfation and a somewhat more homogeneous monosaccharide composition, with predominate amounts of fucose and galactose, than those isolated from sterile algae tissue. The fucoidans from both the sterile and fertile brown algae tissue tested possessed selective cytotoxicity towards human breast cancer (T‐47D) and melanoma (RPMI‐7951) cell lines, but not to normal mouse epidermal cells (JB6 Cl41), and effectively inhibited the proliferation and colony formation of the breast cancer and melanoma cell lines. The fucoidans from reproductive tissue of brown algae possessed higher antitumor activity than those from vegetative plants.

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Authors:   Vishchuk, Olesya S.; Tarbeeva, Dariya V.; Ermakova, Svetlana P.; Zvyagintseva, Tatyana N.
Journal:   Chemistry & Biodiversity
Volume:   9
edition:   4
Year:   2012
Pages:   817
DOI:   10.1002/cbdv.201100266
Publication date:   01-Apr-2012
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  • algae
  • cell lines
  • breast cancer
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