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The system of the efficient monitoring of air quality in maritime cities and health resort areas: Pollution of the nearwater layer of the atmosphere with sea aerosols

The system of the efficient monitoring of air quality for maritime cities and health resorts has been set up. A basis for the prototype of such a system is establishment of functional links between the concentration of toxic substances in the air and the disperse composition of sea aerosol and the surface of microlayer for every maritime region under hydrometeorological conditions. This provides an opportunity to monitor the chemical composition of sea aerosol by its disperse characteristics and dispersion of the surface film.

Authors:   V. V. Goncharuk, V. B. Lapshin, M. A. Chichaeva, A. O. Samsoni-Todorov, V. V. Taranov, I. S. Matveeva, G. N. Chikviladze, T. V. Grebennikova, S. S. Pletenev, A. V. Syroeshkin
Journal:   Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.3103/S1063455X12020026
Publication date:   05-May-2012
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