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Inactivation of Candida albicans in the photo-fenton system

The paper has investigated photocatalytic decontamination of the culture of micromycetes Candida albicans in water media depending on the radiation dose (UV-A range), the pH of the medium, the concentration of H2O2, ions of iron (II), (III), and phosphate ions. We proposed the interpretation of the impact of the specified factors on the rate of the course of the process being investigated. We showed prospects of using the UV/H2O2 and photo-Fenton systems as applied to decontamination of water media from micromycetes Candida albicans.

Authors:   N. M. Soboleva, M. N. Saprykina, V. N. Kosinova, A. A. Nosonovich, V. V. Goncharuk
Journal:   Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.3103/S1063455X1202004X
Publication date:   05-May-2012
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