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In Situ Observation and Measurement of Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly under Controlled Pressure and Temperature

In situ observations of evaporation-induced colloidal self-assembly and in situ measurement of mass transfer process were carried out under a temperature and pressure controlling system. The growth processes of colloidal crystals in different cuvettes recorded by direct video observations revealed that solvent flow around the pore space of the crystal played a key role. By changing the circumstances (temperature and pressure) of the self-assembly system and properties of fluid (viscosity), different evaporation rate of solvent and growth rate of colloidal crystals were measured directly. It turned out that both evaporation rate and growth rate as functions of temperature and pressure fit Stefan’s law well. Furthermore, the transfer process of particles in the fluid flow was determined by the fluid-dynamic characteristics, which can be analyzed by the Reynolds number. The results obtained provide an insight into the growth mechanisms of self-assembly and theoretical basis for optimizing the experimental gr...

Authors:   Lei Yang; Kuiyi Gao; Yanhong Luo; Jianheng Luo; Dongmei Li; Qingbo Meng
Journal:   Langmuir
Year:   2011
DOI:   10.1021/la104338a
Publication date:   22-Feb-2011
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