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Effect of Thermal Desorption Kinetics on Vapor Injection Peak Irregularities by a Microscale Gas Chromatography Preconcentrator

Microscale gas chromatography (μGC) is an emerging analytical technique for in situ analysis and on-site monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in moderately complex mixtures. One of the critical subcomponents in a μGC system is a microfabricated preconcentrator (μ-preconcentrator), which enables detection of compounds existing in indoor/ambient air at low (∼sub ppb) concentrations by enhancing their signals. The prevailing notion is that elution peak broadening and tailing phenomena resulting from undesirable conditions of a microfabricated separation column (μ-column) are the primary sources of poor chromatographic resolution. However, previous experimental results indicate that the resolution degradation still remains observed for a μ-column integrated with other μGC subcomponents even after setting optimal separation conditions. In this work, we obtain the evidence that the unoptimized μ-preconcentrator vapor release/injection performance significantly contributes to decrease the fidelity of ...

Authors:   Jung Hwan Seo; Jing Liu; Xudong Fan; Katsuo Kurabayashi
Journal:   Analytical Chemistry
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.1021/ac300755d
Publication date:   18-Jul-2012
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