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Modernized method of controlling the lapping and winding of nonwovens

A modernized method is proposed for controlling the lapping and winding of nonwovens. A functional diagram is created for a modernized control system along with an algorithm for operation of the system’s control microcomputer, the algorithm providing for special and startup regimes. Another algorithm is proposed for starting the electric drive of the conveyor of the heating chamber based on tracking of the linear density of the laps. The effectiveness of the control algorithm is demonstrated on a laboratory stand that was developed to model equipment used to control lapping and winding.

Authors:   V. A. Dubovitskii, A. A. Uspenskii, A. E. Polyakov, K. A. Polyakov, E. M. Filimonova, V. V. Bychkov, M. S. Stepanova
Journal:   Fibre Chemistry
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.1007/s10692-012-9396-6
Publication date:   26-Jul-2012
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