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Performance studies of solar tunnel dryer for drying aonla (embilica officinalis) pulp

A solar tunnel dyer was constructed and evaluated the performance for drying aonla pulp. The dryer consists of a transparent UV stabilized plastic covered solar collector cum drying unit. Evaluation parameters are air temperature, solar insolation, moisture content, relative humidity and airflow rate. A minimum of 111.18 m2 solar collector area is required to dry a batch 1000 kg aonla pulp in 16 hours (two days drying period). The initial and final moisture content considered were 424.93 and 10.08% dry basis, respectively. It was observed that on an average 43 per cent of higher temperature was obtained in solar tunnel dryer over the ambient temperature. The results obtained during the test period denoted that the maximum gained energy occurred at 13 o’clock hour and then gradually declined since the maximum solar radiation occurred at this time.

Authors:   M. S. Seveda
Journal:   Applied Solar Energy
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.3103/S0003701X12020181
Publication date:   10-Sep-2012
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