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Functional material based on polyvinylalcohol hydrogel for absorption spectrophotometry

A new functional composite material based on polyvinylalcohol hydrogel cross-linked by silica with metal-sensitive properties was proposed. The metal-sensitive properties of the functional material were provided through inclusion in the gel of the organic analytical reagent HOCAC. The isoelectric point of the PVA-based gel hardened by silicic acid was found and enabled the reason for the good retention of the used organic reagents in the gel phase in strongly acidic solution to be explained. The optimum technology for preparing sensitive layers (SLs) that provided high sensitivity and satisfactory kinetics for the spectroscopic response of the SLs was proposed based on the spectrophotometric and morphological studies. This enabled the proposed composite material to be used for quantitative analysis. The possible use of the composite film material based on the organic analytical reagent HOCAC for quantitative determination of Pb(II) ions was demonstrated.

Authors:   Yu. V. Ermolenko, N. G. Novikova, E. G. Tsareva
Journal:   Fibre Chemistry
Year:   2012
DOI:   10.1007/s10692-012-9408-6
Publication date:   26-Sep-2012
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