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Kinetics of o‐Xylene Combustion over a Pt/Alumina Catalyst


o‐Xylene combustion in air over a Pt/γ‐Al2O3 catalyst was investigated in a laboratory reactor at low concentrations typical for depollution applications. The results evidenced a slightly negative influence of o‐xylene concentration on combustion rate. A kinetic model of the combustion process was developed by using the Langmuir‐Hinshelwood mechanism, assuming the surface reaction between adsorbed oxygen atoms and adsorbed o‐xylene molecules as controlling step. The rate expression includes the influences of o‐xylene and water adsorption on the active centers of the catalyst. The estimation of rate expression parameters is based on o‐xylene conversion measurements obtained under conditions free of influences of physical steps.

The o‐xylene combustion in air over a Pt/γ‐Al2O3 catalyst was studied under conditions typical for depollution applications. A kinetic model based on the Langmuir‐Hinshelwood mechanism is formulated, accounting for the experimentally observed negative influences of o‐xylene and water concentrations on process kinetics. The reliability of the proposed model is demonstrated by comparing its predictions with measurements.

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Authors:   C. M. Manta, G. Bozga, G. Bercaru, C. S. Bîldea
Journal:   Chemical Engineering & Technology
Year:   2012
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/ceat.201200371
Publication date:   01-Nov-2012
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