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Diffusion of n-alkanes in mesoporous 5A zeolites by ZLC method

Diffusion properties of mesostructured zeolite 5A were investigated by employing n-alkanes as probe molecules using the zero length column (ZLC) method. The mesopores were found to enhance molecule diffusion. Moreover, the effective diffusion time constant (D eff/R 2) increased with mesoporosity in the zeolites between 308 K and 393 K, whereas the activation energy decreased with increasing mesopore volume. The effective diffusivity values of n-alkanes in mesoporous zeolite 5A were generally higher than that the microporous zeolite 5A sample. This clearly implied the important role of the mesopore in zeolites crystals in facilitating the transport of reaction molecules due to shorter average diffusion path length and less steric hindrance.

Authors:   Zhiping Liu, Weiming Fan, Zhaoteng Xue, Jinghong Ma, Ruifeng Li
Journal:   Adsorption
Year:   2012
Pages:   1
DOI:   10.1007/s10450-012-9441-z
Publication date:   08-Nov-2012
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