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Thermovoltaic processes in gallium arsenide doped with tin

In this study, we present the results of studies of n-GaAs〈Sn〉 with simple ohmic contacts in the temperature range of 30–200°C. It was found that, at temperature T > 30°C, this structure generates current (up to 0.018 μA) and voltage (up to 1.2 mV) and also has rectifying properties.

Authors:   A. Yu. Leiderman, A. S. Saidov, M. M. Hashaev, U. Kh. Rakhmonov
Journal:   Applied Solar Energy
Volume:   48
edition:   3
Year:   2012
Pages:   165
DOI:   10.3103/S0003701X12030085
Publication date:   15-Nov-2012
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • temperature
  • tin
  • gallium arsenide
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