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Doped manganese (IV) oxide in processes of destruction and removal of organic compounds from aqueous solutions

Possible use of the doped manganese (IV) oxide electrodeposited from fluoride electrolytes in the processes of anodic oxidation and destruction of organic compounds in aqueous solutions has been analyzed. The phase composition of the specified oxide was investigated depending on the nature of cation dopant entering into the electrolyte composition. The use of the Fe2+-doped manganese (IV) oxide as an anodic material for the phenol destruction and also the use of manganese (IV) oxide doped with ammonium oxide ions for the removal of the water-soluble form of hydrocarbons during the emergency blowout of oil and oil products were studied

Authors:   G. V. Sokol’skii, S. V. Ivanova, N. D. Ivanova, E. I. Boldyrev, T. F. Lobunets, T. V. Tomila
Journal:   Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology
Volume:   34
edition:   5
Year:   2012
Pages:   227
DOI:   10.3103/S1063455X12050037
Publication date:   15-Nov-2012
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