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Meteorologically efficient commissioning of salt gradient solar pond

Salt gradient solar pond has thermal performance parameters as rate of warm-up, highest achievable temperature, and cumulative heat collection. All these are strongly influenced by the meteorology. Consequently, specific to the meteorology of a geographic location, there is a best starting day for the as pond defined by Singh et al. [1]. The present work has done rigorous analysis of influence of meteorology on pond’s thermal performance. It is found that the starting day has strong influence in initial stage of pond warm-up; however the effect diminishes in long-term. Finally pond started on any day of the year acquires same highest temperature. It is also found that in order to retrieve maximum heat, waiting for the best starting day to commission a pond is not judicious, rather it is always more beneficial commission the pond at the earliest possible day. This finding is of practical significance while planning to put a pond in operation.

Authors:   Haider Husain, Sanjay Shekhawat, Mujahid Husain
Journal:   Applied Solar Energy
Volume:   48
edition:   3
Year:   2012
Pages:   180
DOI:   10.3103/S0003701X12030061
Publication date:   15-Nov-2012
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