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Self-association of Zn-insulin at neutral pH: Investigation by concentration gradient static and dynamic light scattering

Equilibrium self-association of Zn-insulin at pH 7.0 was characterized over the range 0.3 – 5mg/mL by simultaneous measurement of static and dynamic light scattering. Analysis of static light scattering yielded a concentration-dependent weight-average molecular weight, and analysis of dynamic light scattering yielded a concentration-dependent intensity-average diffusion coefficient. The concentration dependence of both quantities may be accounted for to within experimental precision by a simple model, according to which the basic structural unit of Zn-insulin at concentrations exceeding 0.3mg/mL is a hexamer H. With increasing total protein concentration, hexameric protomers may self-associate in accordance with an isodesmic scheme in which a...

Authors:   Arun K., Attri , Cristina, Fernández , Allen P., Minton
Journal:   Biophysical Chemistry
Year:   2010
DOI:   10.1016/j.bpc.2010.02.001
Publication date:   10-Feb-2010
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