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Synthesis of Hydration‐resistant CaO Refractory by Addition of MgO


Hydration‐resistant CaO refractory was synthesized by using lightweight CaCO3 powder as starting material with MgO addition. The addition of MgO not only promoted densification of the compact by inhibiting the grain growth of CaO, but also modified the microstructure of the clinker. Homogeneous microstructure, with well growing MgO grains occupying most of the boundary triple points of CaO grain, formed by the addition of 20 mol% MgO. The hydration resistance of the clinker was significantly improved due to the formation of CaO solid solution, promotion of densification, and modification of microstructure by the addition of MgO.

Authors:   Min Chen, Nan Wang, Jing‐Kun Yu, Ai‐Jun Jin
Journal:   Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering
Volume:   14
edition:   3‐4
Year:   2008
Pages:   409
DOI:   10.1002/apj.5500140308
Publication date:   15-May-2008
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