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New Informatics and Automated Infrastructure to Accelerate New Leads Discovery by High Throughput Screening (HTS)


The Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Chemical Genomics Center, Inc. has developed a new (patents issued and pending) Nanotube Automated Repository System (NARS) for dynamic storage of millions of `single-shot' samples stored in a new monolithic microtiter-storage tube plate of our own design we call `nanotubes.' We have integrated the NARS with customized software to efficiently access up to 10,000,000 samples stored continuously frozen (-20°C) in a dehumidified enclosure and sealed in a new microtiter NARS plate that is SBS compliant. Additional software was developed to analyze HTS data from orthogonally pooled compound libraries. Following `de-convolution' of pooled HTS data, the software designates confirmatory retest samples to be `cherry-picked' using the NARS. The application of a new, fully-integrated infrastructure for new leads discovery is described in detail. Other applications for our technologies and new infrastructure are discussed.

Authors:   S Donover, Preston; Yohn, Marlin; Sim, Matthew; Wright, Andrew; Gowda, Sandesh; Allee, Chip; R Schabdach, Amanda; Reichman, Melvin
Journal:   Combinatorial Chemistry
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