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Synthesis and magnetization studies of nanopowder Fe70Ni20Cr10 alloys prepared by high energy milling

May 2013
Publication year: 2013
Source:Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 201

Nanocrystalline Fe1−x−y Ni x Cr y (x=20, y=10% in Wt)) alloy samples were prepared by mechanical alloying process. Fe, Ni and Cr elemental powders have been ball milled in a planetary mill for various periods of time, up to 27h. XRD analysis allowed the determination of the structure of the mixture, the average crystallite size and the lattice parameter as a function of milling time. The complete formation of FeNiCr is observed after 27h milling. With increasing milling time from 0 to 27h, it is observed that the lattice parameter increases from 0.3515 to 0.3593nm as well as an increase of microstrain from 0.15 to 0.40%, whereas the grain size decreases from 48 to 13nm. Grain morphology of the powders at different formation stages was examined using SEM. Saturation magnetization and coercive fields derived from the hysteresis curves are discussed as a function of milling time.
Graphical abstract Highlights Fe70Ni20Cr10 nanopowders were prepared using a planetary ball mill. The structure and microstructure vary with milling time; thereby important modifications of the magnetic properties were observed and discussed.

  • Journal:   Journal of Solid State Chemistry
    Year:   2013
    DOI:   10.1016/j.jssc.2013.02.028
    Publication date:   08-Apr-2013
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