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Scalable Patterning of One-Dimensional Dangling Bond Rows on Hydrogenated Si(001)

Silicon dangling bonds exposed on the monohydride silicon (001) (Si(001):H) surface are highly reactive, thus enabling site-selective absorption of atoms and single molecules into custom patterns designed through the controlled removal of hydrogen atoms. Current implementations of high-resolution hydrogen lithography on the Si(001):H surface rely on sequential removal of hydrogen atoms using the tip of a scanning probe microscope. Here, we present a scalable thermal process that yields very long rows of single dimer wide silicon dangling bonds suitable for self-assembly of atoms and molecules into one-dimensional structures of unprecedented length on Si(001):H. The row consists of the standard buckled Si dimer and an unexpected flat dimer configuration.

Authors:   François Bianco; David R. Bowler; James H. G. Owen; Sigrun A. Köster; Maria Longobardi; Christoph Renner
Journal:   ACS Nano
Year:   2013
DOI:   10.1021/nn4010236
Publication date:   04-Apr-2013
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