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Formation of nano‐ and micro‐structures of various botanical sources of native starches investigated employing asymmetrical flow field‐flow fractionation

The nano‐precipitation of native starches is a straight‐forward method for isolating starch nanoparticles. The morphology and sizes of the precipitates were highly influenced by the botanical source of starch, volume of ethanol used for precipitation, and the nature of drying surfaces. The apparent molar masses and sizes of various starches following alkaline treatment for varying periods were investigated using asymmetrical flow field‐flow fractionation coupled with a multi‐angle light scattering and a RI detector (AF4/MALS/RI). The interactive properties (aggregation behavior) of starches in aqueous phase can be studied employing AF4 by determining both molecular and hydrodynamic characteristics during the actual treatment, which may lead to improved methods for the preparation of starch nanomaterials.

Authors:   Shazia Juna, Anton Huber
Journal:   Starch - Stärke
Year:   2013
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/star.201300059
Publication date:   26-Jun-2013
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