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Tables of Molecular Vibrational Frequencies. Part 8

The compilations of fundamental vibrational frequencies of molecules previously published in the NSRDS—NBS publication series and in this journal are here extended to 49 additional molecules. Selected values of the fundamental vibrational frequencies are given for each molecule, together with observed infrared and Raman spectral data and citations to the original literature. The selection of vibrational fundamentals has been based on careful studies of the spectral data and comprehensive normal‐coordinate analyses. An estimate of the accuracy of the selected values is included. The tables provide a convenient source of information for those who require vibrational energy levels and related properties in molecular spectroscopy, thermodynamics, analytical chemistry, and other fields of physics and chemistry.

Authors:   Shimanouchi, T.
Journal:   Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data
Volume:   3
edition:   1
Year:   2009
Pages:   269
DOI:   10.1063/1.3253142
Publication date:   29-Oct-2009
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