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Direct Measurements of Mass-Specific Optical Cross Sections of Single-Component Aerosol Mixtures

The optical properties of atmospheric aerosols vary widely, being dependent upon particle composition, morphology, and mixing state. This diversity and complexity of aerosols motivates measurement techniques that can discriminate and quantify a variety of single- and multicomponent aerosols that are both internally and externally mixed. Here, we present a new combination of techniques to directly measure the mass-specific extinction and absorption cross sections of laboratory-generated aerosols that are relevant to atmospheric studies. Our approach employs a tandem differential mobility analyzer, an aerosol particle mass analyzer, cavity ring-down and photoacoustic spectrometers, and a condensation particle counter. This suite of instruments enables measurement of aerosol particle size, mass, extinction and absorption coefficients, and aerosol number density, respectively. Taken together, these observables yield the mass-specific extinction and absorption cross sections without the need to model particle ...

Authors:   James G. Radney; Xiaofei Ma; Keith A. Gillis; Michael R. Zachariah; Joseph T. Hodges; Christopher D. Zangmeister
Journal:   Analytical Chemistry
Year:   2013
DOI:   10.1021/ac401645y
Publication date:   13-Aug-2013
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