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Off-On-Off Fluorescent Chemosensor for pH Measurement with Terbium(III) Complex Based on a Tripodal Salicylic-Acid Derivative

New Tb(III) and Eu(III) complexes have been synthesized as the potential pH probes using a tripodal substituted-salicylic ligand (H3BSA). Among them, this carboxylate ligand is found to be a good sensitizer for Tb(III) emission owing to the superior match of the triplet energy level of the ligand with the 5D

Authors:   Yan-Ling Yang; Ya-Wen Wang; Dong-Zhu Duan; Ai-Jiang Zhang; Jianguo Fang; Yu Peng
Journal:   Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C3OB41319E
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