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ChemInform Abstract: Uniform Cu2Cl(OH)3 Hierarchical Microspheres: A Novel Adsorbent for Methylene Blue Adsorptive Removal from Aqueous Solution.


Cu2Cl(OH)3 microspheres are obtained by freeze drying of a frozen solution of CuCl2 in EtOH/H2O (3.5:1) with a 10 fold amount of propylene oxide (12 h of stirring under ambient conditions, cooling to ‐196 °C).

Authors:   Wei Wei, Pin Gao, Jimin Xie, Sekai Zong, Henglv Cui, Xuejie Yue
Journal:   ChemInform
Volume:   44
edition:   38
Year:   2013
Pages:   no
DOI:   10.1002/chin.201338013
Publication date:   30-Aug-2013
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