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Graphene Quantum Dots-Band-Aids Used for Wound Disinfection

Herein, an antibacterial system combining the “safe” carbon nanomaterials, graphene quantum dots (GQDs), with a low level of H2O2 has been put forward. It has been found that the peroxidase-like activity of GQDs originates from their ability to catalyze the decomposition of H2O2, generating ·OH. Since the ·OH has a higher antibacterial activity, the conversion of H2O2 into ·OH improves the antibacterial performance of H2O2, which makes it possible to avoid the toxicity of H2O2 at high levels in wound disinfection. All the experiments in vitro display that this intrinsic activity exerts a high enhancement of antibacterial activity of H2O2, and the designed system possessed broad spectrum of antibacterial activity against both Gram-negative (Escherichia coli) and Gram-positive (Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria. More importantly, to assess the antibacterial efficacy of the designed system in actual wound disinfection, the GQD-Band-Aids are prepared and show excellent antibacterial property with the assistance...

Authors:   Hanjun Sun; Nan Gao; Kai Dong; Jinsong Ren; Xiaogang Qu
Journal:   ACS Nano
Year:   2014
DOI:   10.1021/nn501640q
Publication date:   02-Jun-2014
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