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Expanding the Analytical Toolbox: Pharmaceutical Application of Quantitative NMR

In response to the changing market pressures being applied to the pharmaceutical industry, a greater emphasis is being made to advance new drugs to market with minimal investment in early development stages. The use of quantitative NMR (q-NMR) has been shown to be a single point replacement for routine early development testing which previously combined elements of identity testing, chromatographic assay, moisture analysis, residual solvent analysis, and elemental analysis. This Feature will highlight the applications of q-NMR to early phase drug development testing and its efficient potency, solvent quantification, and relative response factor determinations.

Authors:   Gregory K. Webster; Shailendra Kumar
Journal:   Analytical Chemistry
Year:   2014
DOI:   10.1021/ac502871w
Publication date:   13-Nov-2014
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