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A Graphene Fibriform Responsor for Sensing Heat, Humidity, and Mechanical Changes


Controllable and sensitive perception of environmental changes is essential for the development of smart material and device systems. Herein, a multi‐stimuli sensitive responsor has been fabricated on the base of the established double‐helix core‐sheath graphene‐based microfibers (GFs). By combining the tunable conductivity and mechanical robustness of GF coated with graphitic carbon nitride (GF@GCN), a fibriform smart environmental responsor (SER) is prepared by water‐assisted GFs‐twisting strategy, which can accordingly present conductive state‐dependent current responses upon exposure to a variety of stimuli. More importantly, this SER exhibits high current response to small perturbations induced by temperature variations, mechanical interactions, and relative humidity changes, thereby achieving an environmental perceptibility. Based on this finding, a multi‐functional respiratory monitor has been built under the stimuli of the human breath.

Eine faserförmiger Sensor, der auf doppelhelikalen Graphen‐basierten Mikrofasern erzeugt wurde, reagiert selektiv auf winzige Änderungen der Temperatur, mechanischer Kräfte und der Feuchtigkeit. Dieser „Responsor”︁ kann verschiedene Arten von Stimuli erkennen und hat darum Potenzial für Anwendungen in der Umweltanalytik und Personenüberwachung.

Authors:   Fei Zhao, Yang Zhao, Huhu Cheng, Liangti Qu
Journal:   Angewandte Chemie
Volume:   127
edition:   49
Year:   2015
Pages:   15164
DOI:   10.1002/ange.201508300
Publication date:   23-Nov-2015
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