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Quality Issues of Research Antibodies

According to several recent studies, an unexpectedly high number of landmark papers seem to be not reproducible by independent laboratories. Nontherapeutic antibodies used for research, diagnostic, food analytical, environmental, and other purposes play a significant role in this matter. Although some papers have been published offering suggestions to improve the situation, they do not seem to be comprehensive enough to cover the full complexity of this issue. In addition, no obvious improvements could be noticed in the field as yet. This article tries to consolidate the remarkable variety of conclusions and suggested activities into a more coherent conception. It is concluded that funding agencies and journal publishers need to take first and immediate measures to resolve these problems and lead the way to a more sustainable way of bioanalytical research, on which all can rely with confidence.

Authors:   Michael G. Weller
Journal:   Analytical Chemistry Insights
Volume:   2016
edition:   1
Year:   2016
Pages:   21
DOI:   10.4137/ACI.S31614
Publication date:   29-Mar-2016
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