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Dibenzo[a,j]phenazine‐Cored Donor–Acceptor–Donor Compounds as Green‐to‐Red/NIR Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Organic Light Emitters


A new family of thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) emitters based on U‐shaped D‐A‐D architecture with a novel accepting unit has been developed. All investigated compounds have small singlet‐triplet energy splitting (ΔEST) ranging from 0.02 to 0.20 eV and showed efficient TADF properties. The lowest triplet state of the acceptor unit plays the key role in the TADF mechanism. OLEDs fabricated with these TADF emitters achieved excellent efficiencies up to 16 % external quantum efficiency (EQE).

Photophysik: Eine Serie U‐förmiger emissiver Donor‐Akzeptor‐Donor‐Verbindungen basierend auf dem Elektronenakzeptor Dibenzo[a,j]phenazin wurde entwickelt. Photophysikalische Studien zeigen die thermisch aktivierten, verzögerten Fluoreszenzeigenschaften der Verbindungen. Organische Leuchtdioden, die mit diesen neuen Materialien hergestellt wurden, erreichen externe Quantenausbeuten bis zu 16 %.

Authors:   Przemyslaw Data, Piotr Pander, Masato Okazaki, Youhei Takeda, Satoshi Minakata, Andrew P. Monkman
Journal:   Angewandte Chemie
Year:   2016
Pages:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/ange.201600113
Publication date:   06-Apr-2016
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