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VUV/UV/Chlorine as an Enhanced Advanced Oxidation Process for Organic Pollutant Removal from Water: Assessment with a Novel Mini-Fluidic VUV/UV Photoreaction System (MVPS)

Vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) and ultraviolet (UV)/chlorine processes are regarded as two of many advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). Because of the similar cost of VUV/UV and UV lamps, a combination of VUV and UV/chlorine (i.e., VUV/UV/chlorine) may enhance the removal of organic pollutants in water but without any additional power input. In this paper, a mini-fluidic VUV/UV photoreaction system (MVPS) was developed for bench-scale experiments, which could emit both VUV (185 nm) and UV (254 nm) or solely UV beams with a nearly identical UV photon fluence. The photon fluence rates of UV and VUV output by the MVPS were determined to be 8.88 × 10–4 and 4.93 × 10–5 einstein m–2 s–1, respectively. The VUV/UV/chlorine process exhibited a strong enhancement concerning the degradation of methylene blue (MB, a model organic pollutant) as compared to the total performance of the VUV/UV and UV/chlorine processes, although the photon fluence of the VUV only accounted for 5.6% of that of the UV. An acidic pH favored MB d...

Authors:   Mengkai Li; Zhimin Qiang; Pin Hou; James R. Bolton; Jiuhui Qu; Peng Li; Chen Wang
Journal:   Environmental Science & Technology
Year:   2016
DOI:   10.1021/acs.est.6b00133
Publication date:   26-May-2016
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